Don’t throw money and energy out the door! Save money on your cooling and heating costs!

Tips for Green Air Conditioning Use

  • Install Ceiling Fans – The air flow created by a ceiling fan can eliminate the need to run your air conditioning on cooler days. Ceiling fans also help move warm warm air in the winter, helping to reduce energy costs year round. This is especially true if you have high or volume ceilings where the warm air in winter gets trapped in the higher ceiling rooms.
  • Increase Your Attic Insulation – Adding more insulation is one of the best investments you can make. It will provide a return on investment in a matter of a few months to a few years by making your ac system run less. If an issue happens, call your local heating repair services.
  • Periodically Check Your Ducts- Make sure they are sealed to prevent leaks.   Its a good idea to have your ducts checked on an annual basis.  Easy, inexpensive fixes can be caught and corrected early to prevent larger air conditioning problems later and help efficiency.
  • Install Programmable Thermostats – Multi-zone and programmable thermostats are great ways to save money and energy.  Setting your ac system to come on and turn off at a specified time, reduces the need to have your system running all day.  This can be a huge savings throughout the year. If you have any similar air-cooling appliances that you want to get inspected by an expert, you can instantly click here.
  • Watch Your Windows – Close drapes and shutters on windows on the sunny side of the house. This helps to reduce heat coming into your home causing your AC to work harder and run longer.

Tips for Green Air Conditioning Systems

  • Purchase a High-Efficiency Unit – Consider replacing your older ac unit with a new high-efficiency unit.  Look for a SEER rating of 14 or higher when purchasing a new system.  A new ac system can save you 25% and higher in energy costs when installed. However, if you have an old unit and you don’t have the resources to replace it yet, you may need to get an air conditioner repair service to make sure it is still functioning properly and not wasting energy.

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  • Bigger is not Better! – If air conditioners and air conditioning systems are too big, they can cost more, use more energy, increase humidity, and turn on and off more frequently wearing them out faster. All new ac installations should be carefully sized to fit the dimensions and conditions of your house. Underfloor heating has also become more popular and accessible than ever before, thanks to its ability to pair with renewable technologies and its proven ability to offer increased efficiency. Your underfloor heating cost will also cost much less in the long run!
  • Keep the Filter Clean – Cleaning or changing your AC filter once month will ensure that your ac unit is running at top efficiency.  Also consider a duct inspection and possible cleaning for further enhanced system operation.

If you have any questions or would like more information on “greening” your ac system, contact us to make an appointment!