Sometimes you may experience a minor issue that you can check out yourself before calling us.  Here are some tips on basic A/C troubleshooting that you can try in a pinch.  These are often temporary fixed until the real problem is addressed by a residential hvac company, but they may get you up and running in an emergency.

The display on the thermostat is blank and they system is not running

  • Check the breakers for the A/C system.  One or more of them may have tripped causing the system to turn off.  If you turn the breakers back on and they flip off again within short time, there is some other issue going on with your system more than just them turning off.
  • You may have excess water built up in your system that is not draining and causing the system to turn itself off.  Check if your over-flow switch was activated by water build up in the pipes.  If there is excess water, you can use a turkey baster to suction out the water and get the system running temporarily.  However, the problem will persist and needs to be fixed by a trained professional.
  • If your thermostat uses batteries as a backup, they may simply be out of power or battery acid has leaked and damaged the thermostat.  If the thermostat is damaged, it will need to be replaced.

It is simply not cooling off the home.

  • Check to make sure the thermostat is set to “Cool” mode and the fan is set to “Auto.”
  • Check to make sure the thermostat is set low enough to cool the home down.
  • See if the air filter is dirty and, if so, replace. This will prevent your air filtration to be altered.
  • Remove any items or foliage that may be blocking the condenser outside.  This can obstruct air flow and cause a decrease in the ability of the unit to cool.  If these fixes don’t address the problem, then you should have us come over and check your system.

There is a large amount of ice on the condenser outside and/or the inside air handler

  • If you notice a large amount of ice on either the inside or outside unit, then you should shut the system off and contact ACBrevan immediately.  More than likely your system needs refrigerant or there is leak that is causing your system to need refrigerant.