We can help you design your Duct System either for replacement or for new construction. We can work off of your existing plans you send us via email or just regular mail. We can do this for anyone in the US and get them done usually within about 2 weeks or sooner depending on work load.

We only charge a nominal fee for this service which will be explained below. Once we have completed the design, we can create the materials list for the entire system for you. If you are local to us in the greater Orlando Florida area, we can make arrangements for the installation of your new Duct System as well.

We use R-6 Insulated Flex Duct or 1-1/2 Insulated DuctBoard for any trunkline that may be needed, this will help to give you the best insulation inside your ducts while cutting down on possible leakage. If you are out of state, you will have to get your own installation company to install the new system.

The pricing breakdown would be as follows:

Up to 1500 Square Feet: $249.00 (design only

  • With materials list: $349.00 (list of materials only

1501 to 2500 Square Feet: $395.00 (design only)

  • With materials list: $495.00 (list of materials only)

2501 to 3500 Square Feet: $549.00 (design only)

  • With materials list: $595.00 (list of materials only)

** Anything over 3500 Square Feet is 20 cents for each additional square foot.

So if you need help in designing your next Duct System, please give us a call and we will be happy to help you get it sized correctly so your new system can operate efficiently. Here at ACBrevan we pride ourselves on efficient, reliable service to all of our customers regardless if you are local to us or you are in another state.